Our Lawyers Provide Customer Centric Advice To Small Business Owners And Online Entrepreneurs
Our Lawyers Provide Customer Centric Advice To Small Business Owners And Online Entrepreneurs

Our Legal Contracts are customer centric Solutions for Businesses And Entrepreneurs At An Affordable Price

In today’s complex and ever-changing legal landscape, having a trusted legal advisor by your side who understands business challenges and can leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI) can make all the difference. Easy, reliable, and ready when you are - Welcome to Legal Documents AI™!

Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

A Custom Legal Plan

A Custom Legal Plan

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Legally Protecting Your Business Was Never This Simple!

Legal Documents AI™ is revolutionizing online legal contracts. Our attorney created smart AI algorithms work relentlessly, scanning documents for loopholes, risky phrasings, and anything else that could be a potential risk to ensure your business and contracts have sound legal foundations.

Legal Documents AI

Business Coaches

Professionals who guide entrepreneurs to help them achieve their business goals, offering strategic advice, accountability, and support. They often work with clients to refine business plans, improve leadership skills, and increase profitability, making them ideal candidates for legal digital download templates tailored to streamline their operations.


Professional experts who provide specialized advice and strategic solutions to clients in a specific field, leveraging their deep knowledge to enhance business performance. Their dynamic role across various industries makes legal digital download templates a vital resource for ensuring compliance and efficiency in their consulting services

Content Creator & Influencers

Individuals or entities that craft engaging digital content to sway audience opinions, behaviors, or purchases, often monetizing their reach and impact. Legal digital download templates are essential for them to navigate contracts, copyright, and collaboration agreements securely and professionally.


Individuals who initiate and manage a business venture, take on financial risks with the aim of making a profit and creating innovation. Legal digital download templates are crucial for these pioneers, providing them with the necessary frameworks to protect their interests and ensure regulatory compliance as they build and grow their enterprises.

Free Lancers & Small Business Owners

Independent professionals who offer their specialized services to clients on a project or contract basis, while small business owners manage and operate a business, often taking on multiple roles to drive growth and sustainability. Legal digital download templates are essential for both, streamlining contract creation, safeguarding intellectual property, and ensuring business operations comply with legal standards.

Real Estate investors

Individuals or entities that allocate their resources to purchase, manage, or sell property with the intent to generate returns through rental income, appreciation, or both. Legal digital download templates are indispensable for them, providing a solid legal structure for transactions, property management, and compliance with real estate laws.

Service Providers

Businesses or individuals that offer intangible products, such as expertise, support, or access to utilities, to consumers or other businesses. Legal digital download templates equip them with crucial contracts and agreements to formalize client relationships, ensuring clarity of service terms and legal compliance.

  • Drafted By An Attorney

    Contracts Drafted By An Attorney

    Expertly curated and AI accelerated and peer-reviewed by attorneys, so you know it’s legit

  • Hold My Hand Guide

    Free Hold My Hand Guide

    With answers to every question you (and your clients) might ask about your contract

  • Access To ChatAILaw

    Access to ChatAILaw™

    Our sophisticated AI-trained chatbot provides attorney-approved answers to your legal questions 24/7/365 without having to pay hefty fees to a lawyer

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Legal Documents AI™

Learn More About Legal Documents AI
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    Step 1

    After Purchase, you will get a download link in your inbox in minutes

  • Step 2

    Step 2

    Fill in the contract as instructed. Open the editable document in Word, Pages, or Google Docs and follow the color code

  • Step 3

    Step 3

    Upload to your website, eSign, or CRM Software. Upload to your website, or use Dropbox Sign, HelloSign, DocuSign, Honeybook to make e-signatures easy

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Legal Documents AI

Frequently Asked Questions

Who drafted these contracts?

Attorney Brad Thomas. Brad has been practicing law for more than a decade and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs start, scale, and protect their modern small businesses. He provides done-for-you legal services at South Carolina Attorneys at Law, LLC, but also offers do it yourself resources here at Legal Documents AI so that all entrepreneurs can protect their businesses and move forward with confidence at an affordable price all while leveraging the precision and power of artificial intelligence.

How do I use these contract templates?

Three Easy Steps to Secure Your Contract.

1. Purchase your desired contract and receive an instant download link delivered to your email.

2. Easily edit the contract using your preferred document editor such as Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs, guided by intuitive color-coded cues and step-by-step instructions – all under 20 minutes.

3. Seamlessly integrate your finalized agreement into your business flow by uploading it to your website, electronic signature platform, or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

If you need further assistance, you can use ChatAILaw™ for guidance and explanations or schedule a consultation with an attorney HERE.

Will these contracts work in my jurisdiction?

These contracts are drafted under the best principles of United States law and will work in all 50 states. If you are based outside of the US, you may still be able to use them if you want US law to govern your transaction or business relationship.

Please consult with a local attorney regarding any questions.

Is Legal documents AI™ a law firm?

The short answer is, no, we are not a law firm. We simply provide lawyer-drafted and reviewed templates that are augmented with the power and precision of AI. Law firms provide custom legal advice and solutions based on your problems and questions at hand.

Can I Trust These Contract Templates?

In short, yes. But we know that may not be enough to earn your trust, so here’s the longer answer:

When you buy a service agreement template from Legal Documents AI™, you get:

  • A peer-reviewed contract drafted by Brad Thomas, a licensed attorney. These templates have also been reviewed by several lawyers and augmented by the precision and power of AI, which means you're getting the expertise of a handful of attorneys at only a fraction of their hourly rates.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your contract was written for your industry by someone who understands your business. You’ll also get the same contract that hundreds of other pros in your industry have used to protect their businesses [and they’ve worked for them].
  • Solid protection in plain English. We skip the legalese, so you can earn your clients’ trust with a contract they can understand. You also get access to resources that help you customize your contracts in minutes.
  • Regular updates. We don’t believe in making you pay again for something you already purchased, and we definitely don’t believe in sticking you with a template that doesn’t protect you.