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Promissory Note - Contract Template

Promissory Note - Contract Template

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Our extensive and user-friendly Promissory Note template, with an optional personal guarantee, offers a comprehensive, legally structured framework for outlining the repayment terms of a loan. Available as a digital download, this document covers all key aspects of the borrower's commitments, from specifying the repayment schedule to the option of adding a guarantor for additional security. Ensure clarity and legal protection in your loan agreements with this meticulously crafted template, designed to provide robust and flexible solutions for securing loan obligations.

What is included:

  • Sections on the Amount of Loan,
  • Repayment Terms,
  • Interest Rate,
  • Late Payment Penalties,
  • Optional Personal Guarantee,
  • Conditions of Default,
  • Rights of the Lender in Event of Default,
  • Provisions for Acceleration,
  • Waivers,
  • Assignment,
  • Governing Law, and more!
  • ADDITIONAL BONUS: You will also receive a separate terms summary document that easily explains, without convoluted legal jargon, the core terms of your agreement.

Our Guarantee:

By purchasing this document in less than 10 minutes, your attorney-prepared and AI augmented agreement can be in the hands of your clients! 

  1. You will be ahead of the game by leveraging a real attorneys knowledge and experience and augmenting that with the precision and power of AI. 
  2. You will save time and effort in drafting the agreement from scratch.
  3. You will easily customize the template to fit your specific needs by filling in your specific information in the highlighted sections.
  4. You have the flexibility to modify or delete some sections to suit your unique circumstances.

* It's important to note that while this document provides a very strong legal foundation for a Promissory Note, it's advisable to have the document reviewed by a legal professional in your jurisdiction to ensure it complies with all relevant laws and regulations.  If you would like one of our affiliated attorneys to review your final document, you can always select our document review service.

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